Would you like to get in shape FOR LESS?

Would you like to get in shape FOR LESS? If so, why not join our off-peak membership allowing you to access the gym during the day and weekends for just £24 a month.


Synergy Boot Camp – Lose Weight and Get Fit in only 6 weeks!!

At Synergy we have launched the most challenging fitness programme to lose weight and get fit in only 6 weeks!

Synergy Boot Camp is available at Slough and Langley.

The first Boot Camp term has been an incredible success also thanks to our high experienced trainers! Continue reading

Members Stories: Tahir Khan

He gave up smoking and joined the gym in June and has since been coming about 3 times a week.

His workout normally consists of running on the treadmill, where started off not being able to run for 5 mins, but can now run for 1 hour solid, targeting to burn 500-600 calories, after which he also does cycling and ab work.

All this improvement in just 3 months!

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Synergy 8 week Weight Loss Programme – Testimonials

8 week Weight Loss ProgrammeMy name is Sarah-Monique Broomes, I’m 24 and I use to weigh in at 13st 2lbs. I joined Synergy Gym in Slough and took up the 8 week Weight loss fitness course after deciding I wanted to drop 3 stones.

I was advised by Linda (fitness consultant) to come to the gym four times a week to get the best results in 45-60minute sessions. Also to do a mix of cardio and toning, diet was also an important factor in aiding weight loss.  Continue reading

Possible reasons for weight gain

Gradual creeping weight gain: 

Could be slow metabolism or extreme dieting:

After age 30, the metabolism, the rate we burn calories while we are at rest, slows by as much as 5% per decade. You will burn 100 fewer calories /day at the age of 35 than at 25, and 200 fewer at 45. This could be enough to trigger a weight gain of 8-12lbs per year.

Strict (yo-yo) dieting makes this process worse (whatever the age) as the body slows its metabolism to avoid wasting energy whilst it’s dealing with a “famine”.

Solution: Be more generally active and incorporate weight  training into your exercise routine, twice/week this will boost the metabolic rate. Muscles burns 25-30% more calories than body fat. Continue reading

How to find the right motivation!

If you are struggling for motivation, try and set yourself weekly goals.

For example, if you are looking to loose weight or gain fitness and are using a treadmill, then say to yourself: I want to run 1mile in 20minutes this week, and next week in 19 minutes etc. Continue reading

Know your numbers and reduce the risk of a stroke or heart attack!

Slough residents are to be offered free ‘cardiac MOTs’ in a bid to reduce the number of people whose lives are cut short by heart disease and stroke.

With 100 people a year dying prematurely in region, Slough’s death rate is higher than the average for England.[i]

Now Slough Community Leisure have teamed up with Berkshire East Healthy Hearts to provide a series of free checks for over 40s as part of the Blood Pressure Association’s Know Your Numbers week. Continue reading